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Durham Mackay Architects' standard of quality in our relationships with contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, is to provide prompt and courteous answers and directives concerning the intent of the contract documents. The schedule of inspections will be determined by the progress of the work; normally, once a week. There may be times during construction when more trips are required; for example: during structural reinforcement and concrete placement, testing procedures, structural frame connections, and in some cases, roofing and waterproofing materials installation. These job site observations are part of our basic services and included in our fee. Beware of any firm that wants to charge you extra for things that are already their responsibility.

Our extensive experience gives us a thorough understanding of the scope of work involved. Input and feedback from the Owner, key personnel, and/or user groups is continuous at each stage.

1. Programming and Site Investigation

Chapman's Restaurant

We firmly believe in doing the necessary leg-work up front and field verifying all existing conditions; ensuring that we thoroughly understand the project requirements. A design problem can not be fully solved unless it has first been clearly defined.

2. Schematic Design / Conceptual Planning

First United Methodist - Carlsbad

The space allocations and spatial/adjacency relationships must be clearly delineated. We will generate and explore as many options as needed to arrive at the best single solution. Durham and Associates Architects, Inc. will also produce preliminary architectural concepts/schemes including building layouts and rendered 3D perspectives when required by the project. Our conceptual planning and rendered layouts will also be the best means to communicate our ideas to you and for you to communicate them to others in order to help secure funding.

3. Design Development

This phase is often overlooked by some; the temptation being to skip straight to construction documents. However, many “surprises” and problems can be avoided by proper design development; it is crucial to a successful project; and we spend considerable time on this phase.

4. Construction Documents

We are known for high quality working drawings; and our plans are preferred by contractors. The estimated construction costs will be verified and revised; and the plans and specifications reviewed with the owner prior to release.

5. Bidding / Negotiation

We keep a log of all pre-bid inquiries, answer questions, and issue clarifications as required in order to keep everyone on the same page. Our familiarity with area contractors will help you to successfully evaluate bid results.

6. Construction

The real work begins, transforming the design into reality. We maintain a regular presence on the job site; providing close supervision of the progress of the work; keeping you informed and involved.

7. Job / Site Observation

We firmly believe in being present on the job site on a regular basis. This is essential to the success of the project. Once construction starts, we begin one of the critical portions of our responsibility. This part of the work usually constitutes 20% of our overall fee and consists of:

  • Reviewing shop drawings, assuring the material content of the building before those materials arrive at the jobsite, and to determine the suitability of the material to the work;
  • Approve all the major Systems, to assure specifications are met;
  • Coordinate work carried on by the Consulting Engineers with the Contractors;
  • Issue any on-site instructions and/or clarifications to the Contractor;
  • Verify quality control procedures during construction;
  • Certify payments to the Contractor;
  • Make timely reports to the Owner as to the progress of the work.

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